Simple tips to stay healthy

Health is Wealth

Health is the most important wealth for  all the people. Healthy life is a wealthy life. There are many benefits of a healthy life. To be healthy is to live free from all anxiety and sorrow. Healthy life is a happy life also. If we have a lot of wealth but if we have a bad health it is of no use. Here in this article 7-tips-to-stay-healthy we are going to see what makes us healthy.

Food choices

Food and the food supplements are  the most important thing that determines someone’s health. A person needs to have a balanced diet to have good health. Food that has appropriate combination of carbohydrate, protein, vitamins, minerals is very important for our health. Some people eat a lot but they don’t care for quality food. Quality food is more important than the quantity.

Fresh Food

Food processed or refrigerated is not too good for health. The freshly prepared food is more nutritious and health to eat. Stale food makes people sick. The foods that we  buy from outside is also not advisable to eat. Especially in many eastern countries they sell food on the side of the streets. Those foods are dirty and unhealthy to eat. The inn keepers and the shopkeepers sell the food items that have been prepared few days ago. Those foods are contaminated and have germs breeding. Such foods should be avoided.

Plenty of Water

Water is a very important component of our body. About 90% of our body is water. Water does wonder in our body. It flushes the waste materials from our body. It gives energy to our body. It keeps our skin smooth and fresh. Doctors always advise people to drink a lot of water. The water that we drink should be pure and free from germs and dirt. Water from the springs and sources are good for drinking. The mineral water that is sold in the groceries are also good for drinking.

Fruits and vegetables

Make a habit of eating different fruits. Fruits are good source of energy. Fruits like apple, banana, avocado, oranges, strawberry, blue berry and a lot of other fruits provide lot of vitamins and carbohydrates to our body. In the other hand eat a lot of vegetables with your food. It provides a lot of fibre and roughage to your body. Vegetables like cauliflower, broccoli, spinach, lettuce, potato also contribute to our good health.

Sweets and Spices

Too much sweet is not good for our health. It causes diabetes and obesity. It also causes acidity to our body. Too much of sweet will make us lose our appetite. Cake, Donuts and other sweet stuff is not good for health. Children should not be given candies and toffees to eat. Unwanted spices in the food is also not good for health.

Smoking and Drinking

Smoking is always injurious to health. It has strong chemical substances that are very harmful to our body. A cigarette shortens men’s life by 3 seconds. Even chewing tobacco and other nicotine rich substances are harmful to our body. Drinking alcohol or wine of any kind is bad for health. People drink to remove stress but it is not really true. It adds stress to someone who drink and smoke.


Food and drinks are not only the things that determine our everyday health. Our health also depends upon how active we are in our daily lives. The food that we eat have to be converted to energy and for this active metabolism has to take place. To accelerate the rate of metabolism physical activities have to be performed. Running, walking, sports and working are very important things to do everyday. Atleast a few hours of these things have to be done routinely.

Finally if the things mentioned above are taken care of we don’t have to worry about our health. We will stay healthy and can live happier life. We will enjoy life and make our life meaningful. For more tips please forget not to visit my site


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