A Little Nap

A Week Long Nap

It is an odd phrase, right? A nap that is a week long. I didn’t write sleep but nap. Who the crazy in the world ever takes a week-long nap? I don’t mean a physical nap, it is a writing and a mental nap. I felt so tired and exhausted that I could not keep myself connected with the WA community. After coming back from Chicago I was so much tied up with the situations that the thoughts were not flowing through the brain. I came to a complete halt.

Enemy No 2

I was praying today morning that no humans are my enemies because they don’t know what they are doing. Of course, there are lots of people around me who do not like my progress but it does not harm me anyway. I just keep my way straight and do the things that I need to do. Hereby “Enemy 2” I mean the things that put me behind my daily things to do. Something exhausted me so much that I felt a man without no strength. I did not have any mindset to write or create things.

My Daughter’s Ill Health

On top of being self so much exhausted my daughter became so much sick that I had to keep her busy doing something else that she forgets about her being ill. I had to talk to her all the time to keep her diverted. Finally, after taking her to different doctors I see some glow on her face. She is the only treasure that I can boast of. Now after a week, I have some spare time to create a content and I am connected with the WA world.

WA Ranking Descending

I was in 5000 ranks since I had to put down my hands from writing I see that it is now 6397. Numbers are increasing, if it was dollars then I would dance with joy but more the number the lower is the rank. Now I hope to keep up with my daily challenge and will try to grab my speed.

Wishing you all grand success.


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  1. HI.
    Boy it did sound like you were going through a rough one. It seems likes once something happens it just keeps on a piling. I hope your daughter is doing better and things have smoothed out with your bosses. Take a break and catch up. Thank you for sharing this wonderful post.


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