My name is Heman Acharya. I was born in Bhutan and got my bachelor’s degree from St Joseph’s University of Darjeeling, India. I came to the USA in 2010 and has become the citizen of US.
I am a “born again christian” and does not belong to any denomination. I am a pastor and a teacher in the church. I am a true witness of Jesus Christ and I preach HIM everywhere and to everybody. My favorite slogan for last 21 years has been, “Jesus is the Savior of the world.
I am married with my beautiful wife and I have two children.
I am very happy to be affiliated with the Wealthy Affiliate Community. I am not a very talented computerist but I hope I will be all right.

Facebook Hazards

FACEBOOK (फेसबुक) को चमत्कार सम्पूर्ण सामाजिक संजाल (social media) मध्यमा अहिले धेरै चलाईएको संजाल हो FACEBOOK ।  यो यस्तो प्रकारको संजाल हो जसले अहिले सारा संसारका मानिसहरुलाई लट्ठ पारेको छ । यसको उपयोगीहरुलाई (USER) बोल्ने अर्थात बात गर्ने साथि नभए पनि हुन्छ । उनीहरुले जब यसलाई इस्तेमाल गरिरहेका हुन्छन, आफ्नो वरिपरिको दुनियाँ भुली दिन्छन । […]

एकै छिन सोचौं

  एकै छिन सोचौं “अहो चाखेर हेर प्रभु कति भला हुनु हुन्छ”  भजन संग्रह ३४:८ मैले प्रभुलाई त्यसै विश्वास गरेको होइन र उहाँको सेवा हो होरिमा गरेको होइन । आज मैले प्रभुलाई विश्वास गरेको २२ वर्ष पूरा भयो । म कसैले “कागले कान लग्यो” भन्दै मा कागलाई लखेट्ने मान्छे होइन । मैले हासिल गरेको संसारिक […]

“In the sweat of thy face shalt thou eat bread, till thou return unto the ground” I was doing my regular job today. My employer is getting ready to hire me as a machine operator. Hey let me share what I make: Mayonnaise Ketchup Mustard Ranch Hot Sauce Berbecue Sauce Relish Taco Sauce Chipotle Sauce […]

A Week Long Nap It is an odd phrase, right? A nap that is a week long. I didn’t write sleep but nap. Who the crazy in the world ever takes a week-long nap? I don’t mean a physical nap, it is a writing and a mental nap. I felt so tired and exhausted that […]

Wife Birthday Surprise

Happy Birthday We celebrate different occasions in our life and among them Birthday is one of them. I Thought  to keep it  secret to myself but being a member of WA community I thought it special to share my happiness with my fellow mates. Yes 22 March is a special one to me. I will […]

How to naturally lower blood pressure

Universal Threat Hypertension or Hypotension has threatened the whole world. Hm I have seen a boy of 7 years diagnosed with hypertension. What in the world is happening? High Blood Pressure, High Blood Sugar, High Cholesterol – these things have become too common. It is knocking the every door. Either father, mother, or children- atleast […]

Wealthy Affiliates Review - Multiple Benefits

People Connector When I first started as a starter member here in Wealthy Affiliate I did not think I will come this far. I was scared to get into it and there were many reasons. I had bare ideas of using a computer and had no understanding of websites and niches, keywords etc. I was […]

Natural Sinus Infection Remedy

Sinusitis – A Common Problem Sinusitis is a very common health problem with most of the people. We find the people of various ages suffering from this problem. It is world wide and it is not hereditary. It is not very deadly if taken care in the right time. If common measures are taken it […]

Mpow - Car Mount

Product – Car Phone Mount Seller – Amazon We live in a world which is too busy to keep up. Among various things that we need everyday cell phones have become inevitable. A good phone, good carrier, good phone case, screen protector, good head phones and while traveling not to loose the grip of the […]

Teach me how to make money online for free

A Desire To Make Money Online Everybody wants to make money by some easy means. Whoever have affiliated with Wealthy Affiliate are the most lucky ones. The online search for finding ways  how to make money online goes on and on. Some become very bad victims of scammers and end up getting their accounts hacked […]