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Carbohydrates cannot be neglected in our diet. They form very important nutrient. Carbohydrates are misunderstood nowadays. People give up the consumption of carbohydrates for the fear of weight gain and diabetes. Here in carbohydrate diet plan we will be learning :

  • the importance of carbohydrates,
  • necessary amounts
  • symptoms of deficiency
  • the sources of carbohydrates

Importance of carbohydrates

Carbohydrates are very essential in our diet. It forms one of the essential element in a balanced diet. Carbohydrates are the main sources of energy for our body. Our body makes glucose from the carbohydrates that we consume in our foods and which is used as a ready made energy. Glucose is just a form of sugar. If consumed in proper amount it is not harmful for our body.

Carbohydrates not only provide energy for our body but they are the good source of vitamins and  minerals also. We need to have the thorough knowledge of carbohydrates before we consume because it has been researched that all carbohydrates are not created equal.

Necessary Amount of Carbohydrates

The amount of carbohydrate needed for an individual depends upon how active is the person. The less active (sedentarey) the person is he should check the amount of carbohydrate he is consuming during his meal. The moderately active person’s level is different and the highly active peson needs a good amount. It also depends upon the age of the person. The more the amount of protein in the diet the less carbohydrate is needed. One more thing to consider is how fat the person is – if too fat then less amount is needed but if the person is lean then the quantity should go up.

Deficiency of carbohydrates

When body does not get enough amount of carbohydrates to produce energy from glucose then it starts burning fat to release energy. When this fat is used to produce energy as a source then Ketones which is an acid in the blood is formed. When these ketones are accumulated it causes a person to lose minerals which are very important to normal health activities like fluid balance, nerve transmission, and muscles dysfunction. Too much of accumulation of ketones in the blood causes fatigue, dehydration and problems in digestion. If a person has diabetes then it can cause ketoacidosis which is a life-threatening condition.

The sources of Carbohydrates

Carbohydrate is found in most of the cereals and grains. The carbohydrate sources could be healthy and sometimes unhealthy. The healthy sources of carbohydrates are unprocessed or partially processed grains, fruits, vegetables and beans. The unhealthy sources are sodas, pastries, white bread and highly processed foods. The healthier sources of carbohydrates brings good health contributing minerals and fibers. 


Thus we saw that carbohydrate cannot be neglected in our diet plans. Good amount from the good sources is the key thing to be remembered. If consumed as required it is not a poison but it promotes our health. In an average a person needs about 250 grams of carbohydrates a day. If access is taken it will lead to other health problems.

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