Simple tips to stay healthy

Health is Wealth Health is the most important wealth for  all the people. Healthy life is a wealthy life. There are many benefits of a healthy life. To be healthy is to live free from all anxiety and sorrow. Healthy life is a happy life also. If we have a lot of wealth but if we […]

carbohydrates diet plans

Introduction Carbohydrates cannot be neglected in our diet. They form very important nutrient. Carbohydrates are misunderstood nowadays. People give up the consumption of carbohydrates for the fear of weight gain and diabetes. Here in carbohydrate diet plan we will be learning : the importance of carbohydrates, necessary amounts symptoms of deficiency the sources of carbohydrates Importance […]

Healthy Food Plans

Food choices Food that we eat every day determines our overall health. Foods that disrupts the functioning of the body should be avoided all times. Eye-pleasing foods are not always advisable to eat. The taste, quantity should not be our choice. Before we prepare our meals we should have the knowledge of the ingredients that […]

The present world With the progress of time the things in the world have changed a lot. People’s lifestyles have changed, their living standard have changed, the foods that the people a few decades ago used to eat is not the same. In this post “diet and weight loss“I am going to reveal how with […]

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  Hello and welcome to my health consciousness on my hemanacharyahealth.com ‎ My Story My name is Heman Acharya. I am originally from Bhutan. I got my bachelors degree from the St Joseph’s University of Darjeeling. I am married to my beautiful wife Jharna and I have two wonderful kids namely Ephraim(son) and Cinderella(daughter)  My Ambition  My ambition […]