Diet and Weight Loss

The present world
With the progress of time the things in the world have changed a lot. People’s lifestyles have changed, their living standard have changed, the foods that the people a few decades ago used to eat is not the same. In this post “diet and weight loss“I am going to reveal how with the change in the food has affected the everyday health condition of the people.
Science and technology
With the progress of science and technology the hunger for wealth has increased in the people. We see hundreds of new food items and drinks and all sorts of sauces and spices being produced day after day. If we visit a food restaurant of a grocery store we see a lot of food items and drinks being sold at a very cheap rate.
Sugar and Calories
Most of the foods that we have in the grocery stores are loaded with sugar and contain high content of calories. We need sugar and calories for energy but too much of them is not at all good for our health. The high consumption of sugar and diets loaded with calories have made a way for diabetes and obesity and high cholesterol. According to the report of USDA in an average an American consumes about 150 to 170 pounds of sugar annually. It is consumed in different forms.
Our commons foods
All of us love to eat cakes sometimes especially during birthdays, anniversaries, or some sorts of functions. I remember while working in long term care facilities the visitors of the patients used to bring big cakes and offer it to the employees and I have observed my co-workers gobbling the cakes. Our kids and even we ourselves love to enjoy milkshakes, ice-creams, donuts, cookies and candies. These our everyday favorites and they contain a large amount of sugars.
Hidden Sugars
Many of us avoid eating sugars and sugary items but do you know that the other foods like :
salad dressings
Peanut butter
barbecue sauce
frozen foods
and many other food items contain hidden sugars.
A person who is habituated consuming sugars is addicted. He cannot do away without consuming it. A drug entices its consumer so does sugar also. Too much of sugar is not good for body. It causes inflammation of the organs and and leads to many diseases. Because of the high consumption of sugar our certain organs cannot perform their functions and the hormones stops producing the substance which they need to produce. Our whole body system cannot survive the blow as a result various conditions cripple our immune system such as
apetite loss
decaying of tooth and many other conditions
Knowing the bad consequences of the sugar and its forms therefore we need to find out
what we are eating and what does it contain ?
Is it healthy?
Is it necessary to eat?
What does it cost to my health?
Is there a better substitute for it?
We being the consumers have the right to decide what to buy and what not. Of course our body needs sugar but how much and what is the best. As the saying goes “Prevention is better than cure” therefore we should be capable enough to choose in advance and ask “Am I doing right?”

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