Natural Sinus Infection Remedy

Sinusitis – A Common Problem

Sinusitis is a very common health problem with most of the people. We find the people of various ages suffering from this problem. It is world wide and it is not hereditary. It is not very deadly if taken care in the right time. If common measures are taken it can be treated very easily and at home. To understand

  • What is sinusitis?
  • Where does it occur?
  • How does it occur?
  • What are its symptoms?
  • How does it affect our health and

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Simple Home Treatment of Sinusitis

Myself being the sufferer of sinusitis for a long time has a short story to tell to all of you. I developed sinusitis I don’t know where and when but I remember I had it since I as a child. The pain I felt was terrible. My head, my eyebrows and eyeballs, my forehead let’s say the whole of my head used to hurt so much

I used to have cold and cough almost three quarters of a year. I could not face up or face down. When the pain started I could hardly do my reading. The tears trickled down my cheeks. As I grew up in a remote village there was not much treatment available. I suffered and suffered and suffered only. To calm down the pain I used to take some pain killers but that contained the pain till the pills had strength.

Out of Blue

One day I was in the church for fellowship. An elderly aunt approached me. Sinusitis had hit me at that time. The conversation started with her about sinusitis. She told me to take the following measures which I am going to share with the whole world. That day was a great memorable day for me because since that time my cold, cough and sinus has not crippled so much as it used to.

Things Needed for Treatment

  1. One eight ounces tumbler of any kind – plastic, glass, aluminium, steel
  2. Luke warm clean water which does not burn self.
  3. A tablespoon full of salt

Things To Do

  1. Put water in the tumbler.
  2. Put a tablespoon full of salt, let it not be too concentrated or too dilute. The salty water does not let you choke.
  3. Get a squeezer to squeeze water to your nostrils or you can pour water in your left or right hand palm and suck  it with your nose and throw it out from your mouth. I sound crazy and unhygienic but this is what I did.
  4. Do it from both the sides of the nose or nostrils. Repeat it till you finish the water.
  5. Take another tumbler of clean water without salt a but the water should be lukewarm. Do the same thing that you did before.
  6. Repeat the procedure for a few days till you feel your nasal cavity is very clean.

I did the same thing and I do not have sinus problem no more. Not only that I barely catch cough and cold too.


  1. Heman, great advice. This is one of the yoga methods of nasal cleaning. There are a number of these but this is the one I used to use.

    My problem was nowhere near as bad as yours but it sure was annoying. What I ended up doing was acupuncture. And I will tell you a little story about that as my doctor ended up in laughter.

    The treatment entailed a number of needles. The last 4 were in my face. I have never been able to stand anything around my eyes.

    So progressively, in go the needles. When the one went in beside my left nostril, my eyes started watering. Then one went near my eye. The tickling commenced. The third of these went by my other nostril. Both watering and tickle got worse. And the final one went in near my other eye. The result was a huge sneeze and the needles went flying across the room! As for my doctor, he was laughing so hard he was crying.

    I am sure this article has the potential to help many through their sinusitis.



    1. Thanks Helen for going through it. Yours is all interesting.


  2. Hi Heman,
    This is similar to what I do, but I use a “neti pot”. The one I bought comes with packets to create a saline solution. I also add 6-8 drops of hydrogen peroxide. I use distilled water, or boil some water and cool it then use it in the neti pot.

    Anyone reading these suggestions, look around the internet, there are lots of humans doing nasal rinses for sinus infections and it really helps. Just be very, very clean about it all, especially use clean water.

    It’s an odd sensation, but you grow to love it because its so helpful.


  3. This is much needed ideas. I will be trying these new techniques very soon and sharing with other people around my circle.

    Thanks very much,


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