How to naturally lower blood pressure

Universal Threat

Hypertension or Hypotension has threatened the whole world. Hm I have seen a boy of 7 years diagnosed with hypertension. What in the world is happening? High Blood Pressure, High Blood Sugar, High Cholesterol – these things have become too common. It is knocking the every door. Either father, mother, or children- atleast someone in the family has one of the above. These things are causing stroke, heart- attack, paralysis, sudden death to people.

What is Hypertension Actually?

High Blood Pressure(HBP) or Hypertension is the condition in which the pressure of the blood in our blood vessels is higher than normal. It is the force of the blood pushing against the walls of our arteries which supply blood from our heart to other parts of the body. This blood pressure is not the same throughout the day. It keeps fluctuating, sometimes it rises high and sometimes it falls the normal level also. If the blood pressure remains high for a longer duration of time then it is dangerous for a person because it causes damage to the vital body organs. It can damage heart and can affect brain also and it can also lead to serious health conditions. It will lead to stroke and heart failure and even can cause death.

No 1 Cause of Death

Hypertension is the No 1 cause of death in the United States of America. Almost one-third population of America suffers from this disease that means 1 out of 3 Americans has this health problem. According to the reading of 2014, 410,000 died of High Blood Pressure that was more than 1100 deaths each day. It is not only found in the elderly people but also in the younger groups and in the infants. A lots of government funds have been directed to bring this condition under control.

Causes of High Blood Pressure

High blood pressure is caused by number of reasons. One of the major cause is high intake of sodium or common salt. Salt adds taste to our foods but too much of it is not good for our health. The people who consume much of it wil certainly suffer from HBP. The other cause of high blood pressure is obesity. The people who are fat are likely to suffer from hypertension. Fatty people have lots of fat stored in their body and which narrows down the walls of the arteries through which the blood flows in our body. When the blood does not have good space to flow it exerts extra pressure on the walls othe arteries. The other causes of hypertension are also listed below:

  • Lack of exercise ( Physically inactive person is likely to suffer from high blood pressure).
  • Smoking ( Smoking has become tradition of millions of people which also raises the blood pressure).
  • Alcohol Consumption is another cause of hypertension.
  • Stress is another factor that gives rise to blood pressure.
  • Aging (When a person advances in age he has chances of getting hypertension)
  • Family History

Symptoms of High Blood Pressure

High Blood Pressure is called as silent killer. A person will not know if he is suffering from HBP or not. Actually, one-third of people who is having high blood pressure don’t know that they have it. The best way to know if one has hypertension is by regular check-up. The other symptoms that gives some indication of hypertension are:

  • Nausea
  • Headache
  • Dizziness
  • Weakness
  • Burning feet
  • Tiredness
  • Confusion
  • Chest Pain
  • Vision Loss


Once we have hypertension it is life-long. There is no cure for it. It can be controlled but not cured. Therefore preventive measures should be taken to not to become a victim to it. This disease is spreading world wide too fast. There used to be days when only a small percentage of people suffered from it but now it has spread like a wild fire. If proper care is taken we can prevent ourselves from it. Following preventive measures can help one from getting hypertension :

  • Lower sodium (salt) intake.
  • Stay physically active, run, walk, swim, yoga, join gym
  • Avoid junk food. Eat fresh self-prepared food.
  • Avoid drinking and smoking.
  • Stay stress-free.
  • Avoid staying up late night or all night. Get plenty of sleep.
  • Visit doctor regularly and get checked up
  • click here for other important measures.

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