Wife Birthday Surprise

Happy Birthday

We celebrate different occasions in our life and among them Birthday is one of them. I Thought  to keep it  secret to myself but being a member of WA community I thought it special to share my happiness with my fellow mates. Yes 22 March is a special one to me. I will forget all other days that are more than 360 and remember a few of them i.e

My Daughter
  • 1st of August (My Birthday)
  • My Wife

    22nd March (My wife’s Birthday)

  • 18th December (My Son’s Birthday)
  • 11th May (My Daughter’s Birthday)
  • 26th September (Our Anniversary)

I wish my wife (Jharna Lepcha)the most beautiful and dedicated HAPPY BIRTHDAY. 

Surprise to my wife on her Birthday.

How Our 22 years of Marriage Passed By ?

We met each other 22 years ago. Our meet was an unexpected one. I belonged to somewhere and my wife somewhere else. I was doing my Bachelors when my sight fell on my wife. There was not much conversation or dating before we got tied in the relationship of husband and wife. We loved each other from the depth of our heart therefore whatever came to sever our ties failed. Now 22 years passed by and we are there. Our relationship stand firm as a rock. There has never been misunderstanding, dispute, fights between us. She loves me and I love her the same way. Is not that wonderful?


What is that strong bond that kept us tied together for these 22 years? Our married life was not very smooth. Don’t misunderstand me in when I say not very smooth. Both of us were young couples so while we made certain decisions, our decisions were not very concrete. Everything did not happen as we hoped and expected. There were financial difficulties we had to go through. Our pockets ran empty, we lived half-eaten, (try to understand me if my strength of language is not strong enough), when my wife needed doctor I had to take her to the cheapest possible. We ransacked the shops and groceries that sold the cheapest and discounted stuffs, we went to the point of begging, there are so many things that we had to go through which I would not mention here and bore you. But you know what?

Despite of all those difficult days we loved each other. She trusted me as her real man and I loved her the solo love. We never thought of otherwise. She never complained and I never was unfaithful to her.

Perfectly Designed for Each Other

My Son

I am so thankful to creator God who also joined  us together permanently. She is perfectly designed for me and I was the one from whom she was taken out. I say of her, “bone of my bones, and flesh of my flesh.” Nothing is going to set us apart except the death which cannot be escaped. Lord has made us 4 out of two. We have the most handsome son in the world named (Ephraim) and  the most beautiful daughter, the pearl of my choice and heart Cinderella.

We have the most happy family.


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  1. Hello
    Wow sounds like you truly do have a love for each other that not many people have now days. I love the saying “bone of my bones, and flesh of my flesh.” I have never heard this before but it is a remarkable statement to make to someone. It holds a lot of power of love in it. Thank you for sharing these beautiful thoughts.


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