Teach me how to make money online for free

A Desire To Make Money Online

Everybody wants to make money by some easy means. Whoever have affiliated with Wealthy Affiliate are the most lucky ones. The online search for finding ways  how to make money online goes on and on. Some become very bad victims of scammers and end up getting their accounts hacked and money snatched away. I have similar experience in the past which I have shared in my post

Myself a Victim

Since I came to the US I was looking for a way to make money online. I was ransacking the internet time and often and I was robbed off many times. I kept silent and kept my desire living. When I fell in the hands of the scammers I gave up the search for a span of time. I doubted whether there really existed a way to make money online.

Almost Caught Up

After giving up my desire to make money online I started working full time. I had been moving from place to place and have never been able to make enough money to support myself and my family. Suddenly by some means I came across an email and there was a thread shared about making money online. The guy that was sharing seemed to be very sincere. First few things that he shared were okey but when he kept progressing he started directing me to money investing direction.

A perfect match of my search

It was a good day for me that I happen to come across Wealthy Affiliate site. At first I doubted the truthfulness of Wealthy Affiliate. But then I decided to go ahead with starter program which cost me nothing. Everything went smoothly and I built up a website also. I am not a computer genius but the lessons that went through were not that difficult to understand. As of today I have written a few posts and inserted few links. I have my few things ordered and  I am waiting for my first dollar to reach my hands.


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