Wealthy Affiliates Review – Multiple Benefits

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When I first started as a starter member here in Wealthy Affiliate I did not think I will come this far. I was scared to get into it and there were many reasons. I had bare ideas of using a computer and had no understanding of websites and niches, keywords etc. I was a kind of an isolated guy keeping myself busy within the four walls of my little room. All I knew about using computer or laptop was to write simple resumes and filling up job applications. I should truthfully confess that I was very much blunt in this matter.

You don’t want money online?

I had been struggling hard to make more money for myself and my family in whatsoever possible ways. As I said earlier in my posts I ended up somewhere being stolen. My hard-earned money was gone, my needs and my family needs were unmet trying to make some easy dollars online. I was ditched too many times. All I could learn then was to provide my card number to those scammers and later on realize that I was just fooled. I looked for easy ways to make money staying at home sipping my coffee.

Tired of Entry Level Job

Fill up the application and go to the interviews. What are your qualifications? Sir, I did Bachelor. What are your special skills? So and so. On and on folks. The interviews are conducted for fulfilling the formalities. Thanks for your precious time, we will let you know. Go back home, wait for the call with a great hope. Two days, three days- a week passes by no call at all. You call – the phone in the office rings – in a sweet little voice response comes, “Hi this is so and so speaking! How can I help you?

Mam my name is …… I had an interview with the HR there and I would like to know what is going on?” Hi good morning! This is Mitchell from FOOLING INC. How are you doing? I don’t remember how many interviews I went through and almost all the scenarios were pretty the same. I was fooled. If at all I was hired for a job, that was an entry-level job.  Minimum wage $7.25/hr. After 2 weeks I am handed a check and it reads $600. Yes, 600 dollars WOW what a great money received in two weeks. This is the picture of an ordinary man.

Search Continued

Though I was fooled quite a few times my hope of earning money online did not vanish away. Working my full-time job I kept my eyes open looking for more legit ways to make money online. After being on the lookout for almost 8 years I landed here in Wealthy Affiliate. Though I have not earned dollars being here for a month or more I have learned quite a bit of thing.


  • My computer knowledge has increased.
  • I have got along with the people of different ranges who have succeeded making money online and that has become their full-time job.
  • My writing skills have developed.
  • My English vocabulary has enhanced. I feel my writing style is much more colorful now.
  • My writing/typing speed has moved up.
  • I have built a website.
  • I have learned to visualize my website.
  • I have learned to use the WordPress to build and customize my website.
  • I have learned so many foreign terms like niche, keywords, menus, themes, appearance, widgets.
  • I have learned to use the most user-friendly keyword finding tool Jaaxy. To learn more about it click here.
  • I have my own domain. I am the owner and author of hemanacharyahealth.com


Wealthy Affiliate is a very legitimate online program. It teaches people how to make money online. It is not a scam, not a cheating. There is no rush or no hush! No traffic, no interviews, no hire and no fire. Anybody can work from the convenience of one’s home. Just click and start here. There 24/7 community support here.


  1. I believe that wealthy affiliate has the best online training in the world. When you look at the community, the training, and the tools you know that you are a part of something great. I would encourage anyone to become a part of this amazing community. Your post is well detail and a good help.


    1. Thank you Richard for your kind comment and encouragement.


  2. This post is very clean and to the point. You have some very interesting topics here. I can see you put sometime into getting it just like you wanted it to be. Your devoted efforts stands out. Your WA review is straight forward and very easy to read.


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