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Working From Home

Working from home was a dream thing for me. I had seen lots of ads about working from home and I tried that. It was like 5 years back I went through such ads and fell in the grip of scammers. I had invested more dollars than I did here in the WA platform. The beginning was well and the books were sent to me. But after a while everything that was promised was nothing true. Luckily I did claim my money that I had invested.

Lost Hope

I gave up the hope that I would be ever able to make money from home. My hope was shattered and I stopped believing that if anybody was ever making money from home. After having gone for years I again started researching again if by any chance there existed a way to make money at home. Before coming to the Wealthy Affiliate I was following a guy who nearly got me trapped in another scam. Before I got trapped I happened to tumble over Wealthy Affiliate Program

My Journey So Far

Before giving myself to Wealthy Affiliate I did researches about this wonderful program. I doubted about its legitimacy and did ransack google for it. Of course there were negative recommendation about it but its positivity overweighed. I started as a starter member and created my website for free. I came in contact with wonderful people of this community. Kyle has always out stood and I cannot deny the help that I have always received from other folks.

Starter To Premium

It was hard to understand the things in the beginning but the things worked out gradually for me. I was invited to join premium. I was doubting the truth and again I had to do research. My second thought also proved Wealthy Affiliate to be effective and trustworthy. I am the premium member and I am enjoying a lots of benefits.

My .Com Domain

Though I don’t have very good writing skills I decided to go ahead on my journey. I have bought my personal domain and I have built my website on it. My website doesn’t look very attractive but i have kept the work up. I have published a few posts and tried visualizing it. I have inserted some amazon links for trial.

First Dollar

My journey on Wealthy Affiliate Road has been so far so good. There is a lots of instant help. We have bunches of experienced people who have been helping us. Now I am waiting for my first dollar to reach to me. If there is somebody looking to work from home and make money I highly recommend Wealthy Affiliate to be the No 1 Platform. Come and grab your easy dollars.

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